Full Service

From idea to finished product, we manage the full process

Research & Strategy

Get to the heart of the problem your business is solving and take the time to understand it. Most time is spent here to make sure we provide the best solution possible.

UX/UI Design

Have a website/ interface driven by research, data and testing. We develop the best concepts possible then iterate constantly to make sure there are no friction points for your users.


Great design is useless if not implemented correctly. Our development team make sure everything looks and works as intended and integrates seamlessly with your current infrastructure.

RapidID Website

RapidID is a cutting edge ID company that's taking over the market. We our goal was to communicate the value of it's multi-factor suite in a simple way, while still catering to developers with code snippets peeking into the API.

Digital Surge Platform Design

Making buying, selling and trading Bitcoin simple. Redesigned existing platform to be more friendly.

Fone Dynamics Platform Re-design

Big moves for this telecom heavy hitter. Moving into communications-as-a-platform market and introducing SMS. TwoSix was tasked to redesign the current call tracking solution and to design an SMS Marketing product from scratch.

Digital Surge Website Re-design

A sleek look to match the platform redesign. A landing page inviting users to request an invite to the website beta. Helping sign thousands of initial users up to the programme.

Fone Dynamics Website

A website to match the new direction for the Fone Dynamics brand. With a modern look and total restructure, you are sure to feel the company's growth and ambition.


"TwoSixStudio are now my go-to for digital design. They went above and beyond redesigning the Fone Dynamics platform & website,  making them more appealing and easier to use for our customers. Would highly recommend to any business looking to improve user experience"

Jordan Grives

Chairman/Co-Founder, Fone Dynamics
Founder, Capital J Investments
Co-Founder, Alicorn Ventures

"We worked with TwoSixStudio to assist us with solving the flow and functional layout of an internal project, and the results were outstanding. Keen eye for detail and they go above and beyond to ensure the result is not only functional, but behaves in the smoothest, most attractive way possible."

Tomer Garzberg 

CEO, Gronade

"TwoSixStudio helped us improve our digital presence & assisted us with collateral for the first TechCrunch event to come to Australia. Would highly recommend Sergio and his team."

Marisa Warren

CEO & Founder, ELEVACAO Foundation

"Sergio and the team at TwoSixStudio have been amazing to deal with, the quality of work is second to none. I love the upfront and direct approach they take when going through the design process. I am always very excited when I get a new design concept and often blown away with how it turns out. I would highly recommend TwoSixStudio for any design related work and hope to continue working with them on future projects."

Josh Lehman

Founder, Digital Surge

Sergio and his team created a fantastic landing page for Blue Ocean. I was blown away by the results and would highly recommend TwoSixStudio to any business looking to have a top-notch digital presence.

James Clark

Director, Blue Ocean Sourcing

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